Alliance Partner
​San Francisco Bay Area, USA


Petter Parelius possesses over 20-years of innovative and broad-reaching experience in Information Technology design, development, and management as an Alliance Partner with Aligned Growth Partners, LLC. His background has varied from leading large corporate strategic development teams, to small consulting engagements evaluating and selecting critical technology solutions.
​Early in his career, Petter began to see many technology decisions lacked a clear business value proposition. Technology was purchased because of its presumed "cutting edge" promise, but eventually ended up as another product on the dust shelf. Petter has focused his career on linking technology to solving real business strategic goals and current tactical business challenges and problems.

​Petter has had success in business segments of Telecommunications, Commercial Insurance, Senior Care Health Services, and Automotive Services. He has lead development cycles leveraging the best in current development methodologies that engaged business stakeholders and delivered on commitments.

​Petter received his BS degree in Math and Computer Science from UCLA, and his MBA degree in International Finance from Georgetown University.