ORGANIZATION EXCELLENCE: The missing link in successful strategic planning and operational execution

Aligned Growth Partners understands the organizational imperative for Organizational Excellence in businesses, both large and small. We have successfully developed and executed plans by using our broad business and organizational expertise as senior executives in domestic and global privately-held, pre-public, and publicly-traded corporations.

Experience suggests that functional executives often develop their own individual organizational plans and strategy and simply roll them up into a corporate or business strategic plan. As a result, organizations and plans are not aligned throughout the company and fail to support the company's overarching business and financial strategies. To make matters worse, many functional plans are repeated year after year, with no sustainable results or value creation.

Our Organizational Excellence Total Solutions Approach includes:

  • Organizational Architecture and Alignment
  • Talent Acquisition and Deployment
  • Inclusion and Engagement
  • Performance Alignment and Accountability (Performance Management)
  • Talent Retention
  • Recognition and Rewards (total cash and non-cash compensation) 
  • Professional Development
  • Succession Planning