MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: We create a clear path

Approximately 80 percent of all M&A transactions fail, not because novices do them, but because they are handled almost exclusively by investment bankers and lawyers.

That’s not enough.

We specialize in business transactions ranging from several millions of dollars to billions of dollars. Working in conjunction with financial and legal advisors to bring a complete business perspective to each M&A engagement, we play a key role before and after the transaction. We assess and understand the companies’ market, product, operational and organizational strengths and shortcomings, and their cultures. We develop a clear, well-articulated strategy of what “success” looks like, and a focused plan of action. And this all happens before the deal is done. As soon as the deal is consummated, the integration plan taking into account all of these factors is put into action.

We are committed to acting quickly and thoroughly to ensure that all possible elements are considered and the transaction successful.