Senior Partner
​Richmond, Virgina USA

Cliff Gruschow brings decades of national technical and business management experience as a Senior Partner to Aligned Growth Partners. Cliff heads the firm's east coast practice office from Richmond, Virginia.

Cliff has served as Vice President and in senior executive positions for high technology companies like Johnson and Johnson, Essilor of America, SOLA Optical USA, Inc. and Coburn Optical.

Cliff’s unique ability to work with corporate executives as well as entrepreneurs allows him to provide leadership to all type of companies and with all phases of a companies’ business operations to provide financial bottom line improvement. He specializes in developing manufacturing strategic plans to develop greatly improved efficiencies in companies and to help companies find cost improvement strategies to improve their P&L. As well, he focuses teams on consensus building to help companies move forward quickly sustainably and successfully.

With Essilor of America Cliff and his staff managed fourteen different companies ranging in revenues from $4million to $30 million.

At Johnson and Johnson, Cliff was the official Liaison between R&D, Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing in a start-up company where he successfully brought a major new product to market.

At Coburn Optical and SOLA Optical, Cliff helped lead the engineering effort in plastic optical lenses manufacturing yield and productivity improvement. Also while with SOLA Optical, he was Plant General Manager for SOLA’s newly acquired polycarbonate lens factory in Miami, Florida.

Cliff holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Cliff was trained in Six Sigma by Johnson and Johnson and Essilor of America.